cloud-black VPS

VPS (virtual private server) offered by the VAULT DATA CENTER is a highly required service due to low costs, but relatively more effective than the dedicated physical servers. VPS is a completely separate dedicated, hence a very private virtual server, only to suit your needs and match your requirements.

We offer the virtual private server, if:

  1.  The virtual hosting is running out of resources, but the physical server is not yet necessary;
  2. Your IT project requires special conditions not available with the virtual hosting;
  3. It is necessary to remotely run and configure various softwares and attachments.

Choosing VPS in our data center, you will be given a real IP address and the administrator access rights to the server that will allow you to configure the computer software as well as carry out any other server configuration tasks.

            If necessary, a full server administration by IT professionals of our DATA CENTER is possible.

We provide an individual approach to each customer and are ready to develop a VPS plan appropriate exactly for You.  Please, contact us so that we can offer an appropriate VPS exactly for you in the shortest possible time.


A profitable initial VPS set for your small IT project
  • vCPU 1 pcs
  • RAM 2 GB
  • HDD 40 GB

VPS Professional

A reliable and competitive VPS plan for a big and stable IT project
  • vCPU 2 gab
  • RAM 3 GB
  • HDD 80 GB
Additional options

+ CPU 1 vCPU – € 5,00
+ RAM 1 GB – € 5,00
+ HDD 1 GB – € 0,50

* all prices are shown without VAT 21%
** in the case of pre-paid services for 12 months we offer a flexible discount system