data-black DATA CENTER


  • The DATA CENTER is situated in a historic building in a quiet part of the city of Riga, where several higher educational establishments are located.
  • The geographically convenient location ensures the optical fiber Internet connection to the backbone channel 1GB, which is repeatedly backed up, as well as the opportunity to provide a 10GB connection channel.
  • Opportunity of a direct optical fiber connection with M9 (Moscow).
  • A convenient guest parking and availability of the DATA CENTER to our customers.


  • A powerful electrical connection provides a proper functioning of the DATA CENTER. In the event of interruption, the power supply is provided by the Uninterruptable Power Supply system (UPS) and a diesel generator manufactured by the American company APC.
  • The APC power distribution, control and monitoring system (PDU) provides the opportunity to remotely take control of power, and, if necessary, restart the equipment.


  • The backup and reserved N +1 PANASONIC cooling system and climate control provide a 45-50% humidity level and the required +20C-+22C air temperature.


  • For the provision of an uninterrupted operation of the DATA CENTER, a number of backup optical fiber channels and the direct connections to a number of the Internet connection operators are used to provide 99.7% of access to the resources of the DATA CENTER.
  • Lightning speed data transfer with the Internet exchange point Moscow (M9).
  • The Internet connection is organized by high-quality equipment manufactured by CISCO.


  • The entrance door of the DATA CENTER is equipped with class EI 60 fire-proof metal door.
  • The DATA CENTER is equipped with a smoke alarm system connected to the monitoring system of the security company.


  • The DATA CENTER is equipped with a centralized alarm system, restricted access system, video surveillance of the surrounding area.
  • The DATA CENTER provides customers with a guaranteed uninterrupted access to the deployed equipment.


  • The DATA CENTER is equipped with spacious 42U 600x1000 mm server rack cabinets.
  • An uninterrupted and backup connection to the Internet is provided with equipment manufactured by CISCO.